Ridgecrest Diaries #3

There is one Taco Bell in Ridgecrest.  It is near the edge of town at the north end of the main drag.  If you are coming into town from the north, it is the first fast food establishment you will see.  Two things stand out in my mind about this place:  the architecture and landscaping, and the service.

This is the largest and the most modern Taco Bell I have ever seen.  Gone is the small Spanish style place reminiscent of a California Mission, arches and all.  Well, ok, Taco Bells haven’t looked like that since I was in high school and ditched school for a Taco Bell run and Chinese fire drills.  Anyway, this Taco Bell is huge (as far as a fast food restaurant goes) with a spacious parking lot and impeccable desert landscaping.  It is all very pleasing to the eye.  Landscaping!  This place actually has landscaping, with indigenous plants that require very little water, and none of them look like cactus.

The service today was outstanding.  The woman who took our money was personable and genuinely friendly.  Tori warned her before he gave her our money that there was a LOT of change, and she was unruffled and gracious.  The woman who handed Tori my taco and creme fruitista was equally friendly.  I thought back to the summer, when it was triple digit heat, and it seemed like everyone in town had the same idea–lunch at Taco Bell.  The young man who waited on me went the extra mile –I don’t remember exactly what it was, but I remember how hot and crowded it was and that he went out of his way for me.  Hmm. . .

I like this place.  And the frozen strawberry lemonade as well.

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2 Responses to Ridgecrest Diaries #3

  1. Anastasia says:

    Why didn’t you order the beefcake?!

  2. gayla says:

    Ahahahahahaha! What was I thinking??

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