Brain Fog, Carrot Cake, and A Notebook

Yesterday I had a mild case of brain fog.  Wikipedia describes it as “a subjective sensation of mental clouding described as feeling ‘foggy’.”  That’s exactly what it is.  Fortunately, not a lot was required of me yesterday.

Two days before was Tori’s birthday.  I had volunteered to make him a carrot cake, and he happily accepted my offer.  This is the Queen of Carrot Cakes–the recipe published in The Silver Palate Cookbook by Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins.  People have been known to accept dinner invitations just because they know this cake will be served for dessert.  Instead of raw, grated carrots this calls for freshly cooked, pureed carrots.  Then everything  good that can possibly go into a carrot cake goes into it as well.  The frosting is equally as exquisite.  Because I love Tori, I made the cake with regular all-purpose flour (warning!  Contains gluten!)

When it was time to serve the cake, I was tired, and my resolve was weak. That cake was right under my nose, and it was calling to me.  I have been diligent in abstaining from gluten, so I have been doing well.  I forgot that in addition to fibromyalgia pain, for me gluten also causes sleepiness and mental fogginess.  What was I thinking??  I ate a piece.  I may or  may not have eaten a piece the next day.  I enjoyed every bite.  I cannot tell a lie.  

That evening, no pain.  I would not have admitted it, even if there had been pain. (I was prepared, baby.  Stoic.  That was going to be me.)  The next day, no pain.

However, yesterday morning I noticed I was not real sharp, mentally speaking.  By early afternoon I knew I was not destined to  do anything that required a sharp mental focus.  I did, however, remember to ask Tori to pick up one of those composition notebooks for me at the dollar store.   In my mildly foggy state this seemed like a minor win.    Before we went to bed I happened to ask Tori what our new congressional district is.  Within a matter of minutes I not only had the congressional district, I had the names of our congressman, state assembly person and district, state senator and district, and county supervisor and district.  I even had the presence of mind to grab a pen and write all of this down in the notebook.  When I am ready to contact them it will be easy to find contact information.  I am surprised and thankful that I remembered to 1) ask for the notebook, and 2) get the names and actually write them down.

All of this was a reminder, in the words of our old friend Han Solo:  “Don’t get complacent, kid!”  Oh, wait. . .


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