Today’s writing prompt at The One Minute Writer ( is wind. I immediately thought of the two pine trees in front of Gayle and Euva’s place, as well as the pine tree for which our current residence, Leaning Pine, is named.  In the 70’s it was popular to buy a live tree to decorate at Christmas. The desert town of Ridgecrest is now graced with lit’rilly hundreds of pine trees.

Years ago Gayle and Euva had a Winnebago motor home.  Jenny, Louis and Laura thought the Winnebago was simnply the coolest vehicle ever.  (The Winnebago retained this distinction until they were allowed to ride the quad atvs.  Poor Winnebago.)  Once all five of us went with Gayle and Euva and the Winnebago to the mountains for a picnic.  I don’t  remember the location or the year.  My guess is that Laura was about 4, which would mean that Jenny was around 11 and Louis was 7 or 8.  When we settled down for our picnic, all three children ran off to play.  Jenny and Louis were happily playing in the clear, cool, creek, walking and skipping on the large stones that lined the bottom of the shallow creekbed.  Laura ran back to the adults, took me aside and got right in my face:  “What’s that noise?”  I listened carefully.  “Laura, that is the sound of the wind in the trees.  We don’t hear that sound at home.”  Satisfied, Laura ran off to play with her sister and brother.

Euva’s live Christmas trees have grown to immense proportions.  The desert is windy.  It took writing this blog post up to this point for me to realize–if it weren’t for the obnoxious desert wind, we would not get to hear that unique, lovely, noise.

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  1. Hi Mama! I love that you’re doing nablopomo again! lovelovelove.

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