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A random memory from several years ago. This took place on a breezy, sunny California day. Gayla: Calls Corie from her cell ph: “Corie, I’m at Taco Bell. Would you like me to bring you something?” Corie: [Indistinguishable] Gayla: What? … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Kelly Slater!

Today Kelly Slater won his eleventh Association of Professional Surfers World Championship. Having lived in Southern California for 26 years, I recognized the name but I couldn’t have told you what sport he was known for. Now I will remember. … Continue reading

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Searching for inspiration, I googled “blog prompt.” That is how I found The One-Minute Writer. I scrolled down until I found the writing prompt for Monday, October 17, 2011: “Write about a time you were the center of attention, and … Continue reading

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