I Guess I Have The Ants To Thank

There is a reason chefs are taught mis en place. I would do well to practice this.  I get excited to begin my culinary confections and plungle right in, neglecting to check my supply of each ingredient.  This old habit, combined with a slight case of brain fog (it’s the gluten’s fault!  A minute amount, but it tasted so good. . .) almost ruined my afternoon.

My gf version of Pioneer Woman’s *Best Chocolate Sheet Cake.  Ever. was in the oven and I had a little less than 20 minutes to make the frosting.  Then it hit me–I did not buy powdered sugar!  Aaugh!  This morning before I went to the store I went to PW’s website and clicked on the recipe tab, but I got so sidetracked reading her current recipes I completely forgot to check the recipe for the cake!  In the car I mentally reviewed the ingredients for the cake, not remembering to think about the frosting.

Fortunately, the brain fog abated, and–aha!  Sometime last year I bought powdered sugar at Costco, and put what I did not use in the freezer to protect it from the ants!!  Sure enough, it was still there.

I never thought I would be thanking the ants.

*She speaks the truth.

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    p.s. can you fed-ex me some sheet cake? It sounds so wonderful, Gaylakins!!

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