A Different Kind of Throwdown

Ridgecrest, California 11/25/2010

Melvin Gayle: “What would it take for you to give up Sweet and Low (artificial sweetener)? What can I give up in exchange?”

Gayla Lorraine: (Thinks hard before she speaks) “Are you still smoking?”

Melvin Gayle: (Grimaces) “Boy, you go straight to the heart of it.”

By unspoken mutual consent, the conversation moves to another subject.

Whittier, California 11/29/2010

Text Message from Mel’s Cell 1:38 pm “Ok we have an accord.”

Cell phone conversation 2:20 pm

Gayla Lorraine: “I got your text.”

Melvin Gayle: “I’m ready. I haven’t bought cigarettes since before Thursday. I’m completely out. I’ve gone cold turkey.”

Gayla Lorraine: “It’s a deal.”

Sigh. I will miss you, Sweet and Low. I have enjoyed our friendship. You sweetened my iced tea and hot tea wonderfully for many years. I was sad when you were not around to help me out and mourned your absence until you reappeared in my kitchen and my purse. I thought your pretty pink packets were much better looking than any of the other packets of sweeteners, natural or artificial. This is not an easy decision. I have counted the cost. It is for a higher good that I bid you. . . adieu.

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3 Responses to A Different Kind of Throwdown

  1. DC3 says:

    that’s awesome :)

  2. loudogg says:

    this is 1. hilarious and 2. awesome!

  3. anastasia says:

    Oh man, I love love love the use of the dialog. Such a fan. Also, proud of you!

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